From Milton James

This album is oddly produced, poorly mastered, and full of Casio keyboard and weak vocals. That said, there is something about it that charms me. Maybe it is pure nostalgia, elements personal and irrelevant to strangers, but regardless, I offer it up as a record of the past and a musical starting point by which to judge my future endeavors.

Listen with care. It is mixed for headphones, but that first song starts off soft and gets loud.

Musical Talent

Milton James: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Programming
Elara Lauren: Vocals on PnkBnne, Backing vocals on Empire Unknown

All songs engineered and produced by Milton James.

Track List

1. Mustang Village
2. God's Angry Face
3. Empire Unknown
4. Why Love
5. No One
6. PnkBnne

Empire Unknown 1998 Milton James