Dan Blackett is a UK-based musician and producer. He has written and performed music for film, dance, installations, and theater. His music has been described as anything from "spazo-jazz classical" to "space-hop." Well versed in musical forms from across time and around the globe, he cites influences from early Wu-Tang Clan and Tricky, to Pink Floyd and CocoRosie, to Lee Perry and Miles Davis.

Dan's current project, Under the Moniker, is an assortment of demos, in anticipation of the new album. Guest musicians include Ed Blazey, Katerina Brunclikova, and Roberta Jean Ferguson.

Updates and new tracks are added as they develop.

The Lost Victoria Square Tapes is a collection of recordings from 2005-2006. Excellent performances by Dan, Ed Blazey, Roberta Jean Ferguson, and Thomas Spence.