From Milton James

This is an uncomfortable set of songs. Originally just Carmel, I present it here with an updated title Carmel, or Have You Ever Lost Your Mind?.

Someday, maybe, I will write about everything that happened in the Spring of 2003, but until then, let this suffice: I recorded these songs over a period of several days, straight through, with very little to eat other than beer and no sleep whatsoever. The sentiments are false, lies I told myself. I was blindsided by what my brain was doing to me; I was seeing omens everywhere, the marks of destiny. Life was a vision of angels dreamt in a burning bed.

I am proud of parts of these songs; these songs make me nauseous.

Musical Talent

Milton James: Lyric, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Sampling, Programming
Bob (Erik's Animal): Live Drums

All songs engineered and produced by Milton James.

Track List

1. It's Happening
2. Rain
3. Stars Over Sea

Carmel, or Have You Ever Lost Your Mind? 2003 Milton James