From the Band

The Lost Victoria Square Tapes is a collection of sunken treasures recorded during 2005/6.

Resurfaced in 2008 for your listening pleasure.

Musical Talent

Dan Blackett: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Samples
Ed Blazey: Brass
Roberta Jean Ferguson: Vocals
Thomas Spence: Brass

All songs engineered and produced by Dan Blackett.

Track List

1. Alvin Lowe
2. Sticking Around
3. Biscuit Tin
4. Two Birds Circling
5. Losted
6. Interlude
7. Jailbait
8. When We Were Young
9. Glow
10. Freshwater Ballerina
11. All I Need

The Lost Victoria Square Tapes 2006 Dan Blackett