This work came from a collaboration with a friend, a writer. The images were to be used as thematic stills within his indie film that never got made. The pretext was simple. Murder. My contribution with the images was to invoke a sense of fear, mystery, death...all connected by an act of murder. I roamed the streets of Hollywood on my lunch hour for weeks on end. I used a plastic Holga camera with expired chrome film that I then cross processed. The effects were fantastic. The colors brilliant. I specifically sought alleys, the back ends of buildings. I wanted to see what the new Hollywood buried. I was looking for the dead (murdered?) Hollywood. I eventually found my way into the Hollywood hills in the ruins and vistas of Runyon Canyon park, a wonderful park above downtown Hollywood.

Runyon canyon has a fantastic history to it: 19th century outlaws, celebrities and tragedy. Learn more about Runyon Canyon [].

I don't know that I accomplished the original goal. Since the film never got made, it's hard to say. However I do believe what came from the effort is curious and visually amusing. These are just a few of the dozens of prints I got from the project. This gallery is a works in progress so look for more to come.

Murder Stills 2002 Patrick Morrison