This collection of images was shot over a period of almost two years, between 1999-2001, of the construction of whats now known as Highland/Hollywood shopping complex and the Kodak Theatre (home of the Academy Awards). Working right across the street, I was afforded great access. The subject matter, initially, was to depict a tragedy (or victory) in man's deconstruction (or construction) in assembling this giant structure, a structure that in my mind at the time, would never be a part of these peoples' lives. I now believe begining the long-term project I was armed with a bit of a naiveté in terms of concept. Now, what I see looking back is a collection of timeless images honoring the seemingly infallibility of man. The beauty of the tiny little amorphous creature amongst the rigid and unforgiving steel and metal. If anything, what came out of this project is the power of man, rather than a document depicting the powerlessness. Note in img066 (to the right) it looks as the worker has single-handedly put the beam in place, he's simply truing it up. I won't editorialize further; however I will admit that img067 (below) was a departure from the subject. I don't recall why i snapped the shot but I'm glad I did as it presents a scene of chaos, absurdity and comedy that were very present at the time.



Construction/Deconstruction ©2001 Patrick Morrison