From the Band

This is a selection of tracks culled from the early years of Hippie Cream's existence. We were still developing our sound and cultivating our style. A semi-mellow affair, that floats through the head cavity, like cotton candy and sage brush served on a warm pillow.

Musical Talent

Travis: Bass / Vocals / Kazoo
Sean D: Percussion / Wisdom
Cory: Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Poppa: Banjo
Richard: Voice
Family: Noise Emissions

Mastering and polish provided by Emerald Cocktail

Track List

1. Mad Science
2. Kamikaze
3. Richard's Take
4. Mr Peek A Boo
5. The Magic Frog
6. Happy Town
7. Into Vanilla
8. Keyboard Instrumental
9. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
10. When 530 Says Hello

Code Name: Cola 2002 Hippie Cream