Most tracks of the Emerald Cocktail material originate as spontaneous accidental potentials. Unlike the majority of my other musical projects, this is the first batch of material that's been under my sole influence and this has impacted the subject and the sound of all the songs. On the whole, I'd say it's a draw: I know I've missed out writing some types of songs but I think a lot of other really good ones came out of this approach and could only have been written solo. Many musicians and artists on Oxen Media have been a rich source of ideas and stand-in contributions. Their performances are throughout the work and in some cases are the starting points for an entire song. Because there are a number of great percussionists on Oxen Media there is some great drumming through both of these records.

Most of the stuff on these two cds is pretty mellow, though there are a few exceptions. It's a good mellow I think- the ears that it has reached have all liked it well enough. Lyrically a lot of ground is covered in emerald cocktail material because so many different concepts have come and passed. Story albums, acoustic shoegazeery, tripped out chill room electronica...none of which could hold my interest long enough to write an album around. I am a Useful Tool is for the most part a Frankenstein of outtakes from albums that didn't survive and I Could Be Your BIG Pinata is a collection of songs mined from a couple of days of recording and partying. Both could be filed under drifty acoustic electronicish chill pop. Hope that you can find something to like.