From the Band

Topiary Dreams is here to bend your ear with the lovely of geriatrics in a toe-tapping musical adventure.

This senior-centered, conceptual fantasy album was written for your inner freak and spotlights the aging heart inside us all. It centers on a lonely man who moves into a senior home only to find that all of the residents are being transformed into topiary creatures for the garden. Will one senior citizen be able to stop the madness? You'll have to listen and find out for yourself.

Musical Talent

Travis: Bass / Vocals
Sean: Percussion / wisdom
Cory: Guitar / keyboards / vocals
Bob ( Erik's Animal): Vocals / guitar / studio wizardry
Wesley: Noise / Peanut Vending
Sean L: Horns / Wind / Strings
Ian ( Emerald Cocktail): Vocals / Knowledge

Track List

1. Longstreet Enters The Home
2. Act 1 - The Gift of Memory
3. Topiary Dreams Theme
4. Something's Not Right (tonight)
5. Cannonball Dreams
6. Heterosexual Magic
7. Creepy Old Guy
8. Mystery Bus
9. Act II - Life in the Home
10. Orlando the Orderly
11. End of the Light
12. Friday's Frost
13. Old Man on the Exercycle
14. I Stink
15. My Stuffed Pet
16. Act III - The Mystery
17. Skeezix the Parrot
18. Trees Get Too Smart
19. Plant Diggin' Music
20. Prune my Soul
21. Walls are Closin' in
22. To Let it Be
23. Intermission
24. Why Do I Have to wait? (so long to eat)
25. Act IV - New Love
26. Truly Free
27. Too old For Love
28. Father Time
29. Kitten's Head
30. Act V - Topiary Dreams of Doom
31. Who Do, What Man, So?!?!
32. Grab the Axe (Dr.)
33. Happy Fish Fly
34. Old People Floating
35. Longstreet Exits the Home
36. Where Do Steamers Go?

Topiary Dreams 2008 Hippie Cream