In late 2006, we recieved eleven CDs in the mail from Doug with a short, handwritten note:

Boys are at it again. Got a call from them a little over a month ago saying that they'd been holed up in a cabin with a 4-track and a bunch of liquor. Just got these CDs in the mail. They wanted me to get them to you.

Ian ( Emerald Cocktail) got to work, listening through all the music and pulling out the tracks you see here. A little of his post-production magic, and viola!, the first oxen mentalists album in over half a decade.

Musical Talent

Spanky VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Workin the Board, Stompin the Floors
Vaughn 'BonBon' VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Drummity

Mined from eleven raw CDs and post-produced by Ian F of Emerald Cocktail.

Track List

1. Blue Collar Quandry
2. Poem Seat
3. Sour Mash Vapors
4. Katie Holmes
5. RhythMc
6. Stacks of Leather to Punch
7. Music to Scheme to
8. Ma Capella
9. Sweet Emeline
10. You Made a Lie About the Loaf
11. Posidon
12. Like a Drunken Argument
13. Did That Even Happen?
14. Sneakily
15. Funny How
16. Fingers to the Fretboard
17. Candle Wax Shuffle
18. Blues Trudge
19. Something's Kickin

Shelby Creek I 2006 the oxen mentalists