What Doug Remembers

The boys would tell stories about the little house in Scotts Valley where they recorded this album. The house was two stories, with bedrooms downstairs and upstairs almost attic-like with wood walls and a vaulted ceiling with exposed rafters.

They battled women, booze, and opposums in that house. Their up-street neighbor was the son of a mortician and embalmer. Their down-street neighbor was a hot mom whose sunbathing habits were easily observed from the boys' house. Spanky hinted that Vaughn slept with the hot mom once or twice, though Vaughn has always denied this.

This album seems to mark a period of decompression for both of them. A step away from a college world that was truely crazed, chaotic, and hedonistic.

Musical Talent

Spanky VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Synths, Mixing, Mastering and Funding
Vaughn 'BonBon' VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Sampling, Drums, Keys, Post-Production and Fund Sponging

Track List

1. hello
2. next to me there is no thing nearly half as here as now
3. your 3rd party perspective
4. old mila waukee
5. like heaven hates me
6. twilight
7. bottom's up
8. a yeti
9. kaya intro
10. cory

Mid-Twenties, Mid-Tempo 1998 the oxen mentalists