From Doug

The boys lived next to me during the period of time this album was created. We are in the redwoods in Boulder Creek, little cabins from the 1950s build along the eponymous creek.

There is a legend about Boulder Creek. It was first populated by white southerners, loggers who migrated to the Santa Cruz mountains to pull down the trees that would rebuild San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. The legend is that the local native tribe, abused and insulted by the loggers, cast a curse upon the San Lorenzo valley. The curse: any white man who lives in the valley will slowly go insane. I've seen it happen numerous times, to myself as well as to the boys. It is a different kind of place, something you can't quite understand without having lived here.

This album is a document attesting to certain, early stages of the curse. Vaughn left Boulder Creek before living here too long, good for him. Spanky stayed on, soon to be joined by his brother Bobby VonRobber and a whole different brand of insanity.

Musical Talent

Spanky VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Synths, Mixing, Mastering and Funding
Vaughn 'BonBon' VonRobber: Vocals, Guitars, Sampling, Drums, Keys, Post-Production and Fund Sponging

Track List

1. i'm on the road, but to where?
2. the longer hair, the gentle and nurturing demeanor
3. trooper
4. pappy the pimp
5. desperation
6. this was never given a name
7. pessimism
8. you wished
9. honey, can you get me some tp?
10. it's the 80's
11. sometimes songs get written for the wrong reasons
12. twilight acoustic reprieve

Microscope/Telescope 1999 the oxen mentalists