From Emerald Cocktail

The whole title is 'I Could Be Your Big Pinata' and the idea behind that is the potential of people. You know, pinatas are filled with great stuff- toys, candy, things that make the mind glow and the heart sing (like hippie cream). At the time I was thinking people are the same way, and sometimes life is that little kid swinging the bat, beating all that good stuff out of you until there's nothing left but strewn about colored tissue paper and children's laughter.

I don't know if the approach to recording Pinata was intentionally worked in to the title too, but since i'm writing this sometime later, i'm going to assert that it was. Over 2 days a bunch of musician friends came up and we jammed and jammed and jammed. I had also invited a lot of folks that weren't musicians and some of our women were there and despite what you could do or couldn't do musically, you were encouraged to play (since Erik had brought his chest of sound making devices). As the album got cut up into the stuff i was going to keep, it became apparent that just about everyone had some cameo role and not just for the sake of being included. People who weren't musicians were dinking out melodies or rhythms that i was looping, someone might have sung a few notes that were a key accent or blurted out some cryptic line..something. I really liked how it was turning out, and that really, i didn't have a hand in it and that this great accidental full length music project had been dropped in my lap and left for me to build off of and tighten up.

Since it's most all live or originating from live tracks, I opted to include some of the chatter of all of us thinking we're comics or studio smarties or what have you. It's mostly for me as a memory function but it might make some people laugh. If it doesn't skip the track or yank it from the playlist; hooray technology!

Please enjoy and my true thanks to everyone that played, talked, ran the board, ran and got booze, made us food, made us laugh or whatever that weekend.

Track List

1. funky foyer
2. Doris
3. keep your lamps trimmed and burning
4. me
5. let me ask you a question
6. shojin's sanctuary part 1
7. absinthe
8. gin is for cory
9. my name is THUNDER
10. yes, we are floating sweet
11. what is making that noise?
12. in rain showers, willows bend
13. until the stars burn out
14. three summers ago
15. humanism
16. when you break it down, it's all weird
17. anemone
18. hang my drapes
19. why you try to
20. living room live
21. shoin's sanctuary part 2
22. come down from the trees

Musical Talent

Ian: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sampling and Looping
Milt ( Milton James ): Vocals, Bass, Recording
Erik ( Erik's Animal ): Drums and Percussion
Uncle Cory ( Hippie Cream ): Insight

All songs engineered and mastered by Ian F of Emerald Cocktail.

I Could Be Your BIG Pinata 2003 Emerald Cocktail