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All I Got Was A T-Shirt

by Patrick Morrison, May 17, 03:16 PM

Art should be accessible. Available and immediate. Art is love, truth, misery and salvation rolled into one. Access is crucial.

Taking advantage of the Golden Belt’s Third Friday series I popped by their newest gallery LabourLove where I had access to a lot of tremendous art, music and food. Though my recession budget didn’t allow me to pick up one of the many fantastic works for sale I did manage to walk away with something. A custom made t-shirt of one of the pieces (that was already sold) by Kevin McGoff for only $40.


What really got my (Durham) Bull running was the accessibility of the work.

I’ve spent the last 15 years in Los Angeles. Attended countless gallery openings with work I could only dream of affording. I think I can count on one hand the events where I walked away with a true sense of connection to the artist. Does connection mean walking away with work in hand? No. I don’t think so.

It’s nice to walk into a gallery with the idea that you might be able to afford something meaningful. Something beyond that of a new washer, tool box, or pants at Sears. In this economy its nice to have moments where we can enrich our existence rather than simply maintain it.

I’m excited about the about LabourLove who seem to embrace the ethos of making art accessible to all (in addition to shirts you could purchase small repos for under a $100).

When the art is available that ultimate connection with the artist is there. And isn’t that the point? As a photographer, the ultimate mission of mine and of other artists of all kinds is to communicate. Right? In this sense LabourLove gets it.

To add to the event was the great music by the Cadillac Stepbacks

Burgers by the venerable Only Burger Truck , wonderful tacos (that i miss dearly coming from Los Angeles) by The Sabor Taco Truck and sweet treats from the Daisy Cakes as well as great home brew and wine.

Top notch Durham. Top notch.




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