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Dirty Dirty South

by Patrick Morrison, 2280 days ago

“South of the North, yet north of the South, lies the City of a Hundred Hills, peering out from the shadows of the past into the promise of the future. I have seen her in the morning, when the first flush of day had half-roused her; she lay gray and still on the crimson soil of Georgia; then the blue smoke began to curl from her chimneys, the tinkle of bell and scream of whistle broke the silence, the rattle and roar of busy life slowly gathered and swelled, until the seething whirl of the city seemed a strange thing in a sleepy land. “
W.E.B DuBoise
From The Souls of Black Folks

I took a quick trip further South this week. The mothership Atlanta. The place I’ve always referred to as my first and perhaps my last home. There’s something attractive about the place that tickles me every time I go – not sure if its the surprisingly cosmopolitan qualities to a city rooted in an oft dark history in an otherwise un-cosmopolitan region or the mere fact that its a place that I have watched evolve over the course of 30 odd years. It’s significantly a better place to live now. Its a place I could see returning to when Im old (or sooner!); a teapot where my ancestors steeped for generations and a place I’d love for my children to come to adore as well.

In times of turmoil and upheaval we often turn to the familiar for comfort. While I wouldn’t say I’m currently in a state of upheaval there has been a steady and slow uncoupling from the life as I knew it. Stopping back into a vastly different yet familiar birthplace was nice.

There’s little direct correlation with these images other than the fact they were taken with my iPhone 4 and taken over the course of 24 hours. I’m still getting reacquainted with my space in the interwebs and hope my posts will continue to grow with interest.

Home Of The King of Soda

Taken while speeding East to Decatur on MARTA.

Inman Park

Much of these neighborhoods along MARTA east from downtown that used to be pretty sketchy 10-15 years ago are now vibrant with people, culture and a revived sense of community – money helps of course and the wave of folks relocating the urban center certainly helps. I used to take this jaunt frequently on the eastern spur so much of the scenery was familiar and yet so much wasn’t – a testament to the change that has occurred.

Decatur station

Playing with reflective surfaces the subway station. Admittedly I was amused by this as I had spent a couple of hours in one of the more interesting craft beer destinations in the South East at Brick Store Pub (beer lovers, totally worth a visit).

Under Biplane attack at Brick Store Pub

So yes, I admit, I was easily amused. But seriously, if you travel to Atlanta and love craft beer, Brick Store is a must visit. The culture, food and drink there are nothing but spot on.

Lastly, nothing here but interesting angles and lines. Simple.

Five Points Station

“I’ve always liked Atlanta. And not just for the strip clubs, but the shopping and the food.”
Jon Stewart

He ain’t lyin’




by Patrick Morrison, 2289 days ago

I’m back. 777 days since my last post. Lets see if this still works.

I went to New York recently. I had some of the more stylish and sleepy flight attendants that day.

Jet Sleep

Jet Wake

Yep. Still works.

A lot has happened since my last post. In that post, I was enthralled with my new iPhone and the various photo apps I had discovered for it. I was in between jobs and a bit lost. I could make the case I am more lost now. Shortly after that post I returned to full+ time work, which would explain in part why it has been so long. Im still at that same job, and still doing part time work on the side. My daughter who had just turned one in a post 859 days ago is now three. My oldest is now ten.

I’m no longer with my wife depicted pictorially and otherwise here.

I’m still at my same job, rep a variety of beer brands, craft and otherwise to the Durham bar/restaurant market.

I don’t live at the same home.

I live in a place better suited for bachelor life and taking pictures.

A different dog roams my space.

I sleep with a different woman.

Most it days it feel as if the hole I have generally been digging since my twenties has only gotten deeper. For no one reason. Just me.

Surprisingly despite my business my weight is the same.

I’ve been hospitalized for a pneumonia.

I made an effort to dig up this blog with some intent to do something, anything potentially cathartic. Therapeutic.

I am going to attempt to do it pictorially and with words, as I have always done. My challenge is, can I be honest with myself, and you?

This post is a huge first start. Expect baby steps and stay with me if you can.

Its good to see you again. I feel like I have a lot to tell.



New (I) eye

by Patrick Morrison, 3066 days ago

I’ve got a new image making device. iPhone. Though I don’t have the 4, I did get a good deal on the 3 and while I know the camera is vastly improved, the 4 wasn’t in my budget at this time. However I have managed to get one of the higher rated apps and thus beginning to build a body of work.

Like I suspect many felt with their first digital camera 10-12 years ago, or better yet, my parents with their first polaroid, I feel a sense of optimism, possiblity and a renewed sense of awe on the world and my immediate ability to interpret it with a camera thats always in my pocket. Like Polaroid, the quality is what it is and there’s just no dialog to that end. I realize there have been a lot of folks shooting digital phone photography for a couple of years now. One of the better one’s being local cat Shawn Rocco

That said, this is my work. And this is the beginning. Lets see where it takes me, us.

Duram Performing Arts Center backstage

My current barely-paying-bills job (which I’m very grateful for mind you) involves often high end catering in and around Durham. Sometimes I get to serve multi-course meals on the stage of our local and quite lovely performing arts center.

Chatham County church

I drove by this church in rural Chatham county. It caught my eye immediately as a church that has stories, some light, and some dark perhaps. It’s got what I might coin as great southern gothic architecture. Not sure if thats a legitimate term, southern gothic, or not. If not, it should be.

Look for more work in coming days.

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