From the Band

These are out-takes and experiments from an abandoned conceptual album. The song cycle was going to be about a strange physician with a wooden heart that traveled the world sharing himself and his inventions. However, the album was never completed and the title track and other suitable secretions have been rounded up like stray eggs, and posted here for your perusal and enjoyment.

Musical Talent

Travis: Bass / Vocals
Sean: Percussion / Wisdom
Cory: Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Stacey: Vocals on Orphan Girl

Track List

1. Melting
2. The Acoustic Heart of Dr. Strange
3. Hiccup in the Stream
4. Pedal on Fire
5. Black Sweats in July
6. Random Thoughts of Wendy
7. STD & ME!
8. Lonesome Death of Dr. Strange
9. Orphan Girl
10. This is a CD For Ian
11. Great Americans

The Acoustic Heart of Dr. Strange 2004 Hippie Cream