From the Band

This is a personal favorite of the band members. A science fiction, thematically twisted, conceptual album. The title track explains all:

This is the story of a very old man
a little, little boy
and a frying pan
They travel far away to the center of the sun
and on the journey there
they have fun, fun, fun
At the center of the tale are creatures mute
who defy all logic
space fruit

Musical Talent

Travis (little boy): Bass / Vocals
Sean: Percussion / Wisdom
Cory (old man): Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Dan B: Horns / Beard
Bob ( Erik's Animal) (eggplant king): Vocals / Eggplant
Chris (space fruit chorus): Slide guitar / vVcals

Track List

1. Space Fruit Theme
2. Little Boy, Old Man, Big Dream
3. Tag Along Buddy
4. Solar System Balls
5. Eggplant Palace Mix
6. Army of Dreams
7. Gummi Land
8. Do I Exist?
9. Takin' a Fish
10. Break the Spell
11. The King's Twist
12. Santa, Jesus, and the Puppyheads
13. Squash Babies Medley
14. Iceberg Lettuce Queen
15. Grandpa's Lament
16. Space Fruit Thanks

Space Fruit 2003 Hippie Cream