From the Band

Two weeks ago, I listened to this album for the first time since it was completed. I felt a sense of accomplishment. This is the album that has to happen so that you can make the next one. These are songs that needed to be recorded. Eleanor is my favorite.

Musical Talent

Produced by Ian F. of Emerald Cocktail.

Written, recorded and performed by Robert Olsen.

Ed Powers - guitar, track 2
Greg Klinger - bass, tracks 2, 3, 6 & 8
Alisha Shushan - spoken word, track 5
Kent McMasters - saxophone, tracks 1 & 4

Track List

1. Kanish
2. Soulfood and a Rocketship
3. Can You Dig It
4. Eleanor
5. Rocketship Mechanic
6. You Don't Care
7. Don't Explode (This Tale of Woes)
8. Girlfriend

Soul Food and a Rocketship 2005 Erik's Animal