From the Band

Thanks to all these guys below; love, money, rock n' roll, and my hot, skinny wife. Thanks to Treehorn and Hippie Cream for contributions and inspiration. Thanks to the One Eyed Puerto Rican who lived in my backyard. Thanks to all the actors in Maybe I'm that Guy. Thanks a lot.

Musical Talent

Produced by Robert Olsen

Written, Engineered, and Performed by Erik with kind assistance from the following cast of freaks:

Greg Klinger - Bass (2,4,6,8) Backing vocals (4)
Brett Davis - Acoustic guitar (5,11) Bass (5,11)
Travis Henderson - Bass (3,7,9,10)
Cory Houdyshell - Electric guitar (10) Keyboards (1,3) Outro guitar and vocals (6)
Sean Daniels - Drums (3,10)
Russ Wegfhert - Rhythm guitar & Backing vocals (4)
Kent McMasters - Heavy Metal Guitar (4) Cornet (8)
Milton James co-wrote "My Love Will Eat You"
2 Dirty guys on Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz - Sitar and Acoustic guitar (10)
Will Shanks recorded live rhythm section (4) at Universal Audio in Santa Cruz.

Track List

1. Be Cool
2. Bottom of the Well
3. O Sake
4. Gasoline Girl
5. Avalanche Mama
6. My Love Will Eat You
7. One Eyed Puerto Rican
8. Pig Hotel
9. Maybe I'm That Guy
10. Jammin With the Hippies
11. I Was Trapped

And a Bottle of Sake... 2007 Erik's Animal