From Emerald Cocktail

It feels really distilled to me. These tracks have been in production for a very long time and if i hadn't decided to just be done, i could've gone on mixing this forever, probably. It seems as though there's potential to always want to revisit and improve audio projects and at some point, you either get lucky and bag your mix or you pick a spot and call it good.

The mixes here are all much tighter and cleaner and there's no comedy this time- just music. You could say there are intentions in the lyrics but they were written to for listeners to fill in the blanks and be their own architects of meaning. I listen to it now, and this potential is there sometimes but not at others. When I started this batch I had really wanted to make a concept album after 'Pinata' but as it turns out cramming characters and a story into an acceptable musical form in an average of 3 minutes per is extremely difficult for me. I gave it nearly 2 years before moving on and taking what I had, expanding some, mixing and naming it.

I have to say thanks to drummer Sean and Uncle Cory, because it was those guys who persuaded me to release all of this; i had planned on just shelving it and starting something new. But that would have been too bad, because there are some great songs here either in their insight, trippiness, calmness or what have you. Sean and Erik really helped me out here with percussion and simply changed not only the feel of a handful of tracks but the feel of the entire album. It would have been like taking a valium without them and now, it's more of a winding quiet road kind of thing.

Track List

1. Be Honest
2. To Levitate First
3. The Middling
4. Sweet Things Sell Themselves
5. We Captured Everything Today
6. If You Do This For Me
7. The Kickin In Blues
8. If Only I Could Leave This Place
9. My Dream Hammer
10. Bend
11. Out On the Veldt
12. Those Good Times
13. Friday's Frost
14. Way Out In Space

Musical Talent

Ian: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sampling and Looping
Erik ( Erik's Animal ): Drums, Percussion and Piano
Uncle Cory ( Hippie Cream ): Guitar
Sean ( Hippie Cream ): Drums and Wisdom

All songs engineered and mastered by Ian F of Emerald Cocktail.

I Am a Useful Tool 2007 Emerald Cocktail